Author Topic: Great LF200 Owner thread  (Read 3340 times)


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Great LF200 Owner thread
« on: August 31, 2007, 09:39:19 PM »
Here is a great cronological thread of pullin-gs experience owning a LF200 Dual sport.  For those of you who like to read the last page of a book first...

2-year update.
I bought the bike over 2 years ago on a whim.
No regrets so far. Bike currently has over 4000(!!) miles.
Miles are about 80-85% street, the rest off-road. No hard riding. I dont red-line it, I dont clutchless-shift (except the time I broke my clutch cable) I dont jump it, I dont do wheelies (most of the time). I ride slower off road especially when dealing with rocks and ruts. I dont ride it fast (rarely over 55...only maxed it out once at 65)...usually between 35 and 45.
I've found it to be fun, reliable transportation and I can jump on it anytime and take off with no worries about not making it back home.
I'll post a few curent pictures later on.
So far myout-of-pocket expenses for the bike are about $50. The wear-marks on the rear tire are all but gone, so I'll be getting tires next month. My rear shock has all but lost it's dampening ability. I'll probably leave it though.
I am putting about 80-100 stop/go miles a week with my new commute. These are hard miles for a close-ratio trans dirt bike with all the clutching and go/stop throttle.

Here is a list of items I have had to replace because of breakage.
20-amp fuse
Front head light
Rear tail light
Front and rear tube
Clutch cable (Note: be sure you oil your cables)
Two screws came loose. Replaced them.

Here is a list of items I have had to repair (no $$$, just work)
Cross-threaded rear axle needed to be re-died. Axle nut re-tapped.
I damaged my swing-arm....rear bushing seat started to split.
Carb was running lean...had to adjust throttle-slider needle.
Broke one of the mounts on my headlight plastics...fiberglass cloth and epoxy fixed it.
Had to re-paint left-side plastics in 3
Blinker came un-plugged from wireing harness
Headlight on/off switch came apart....disected it, put new spring in it.
Rear suspension was squeeking...tightened up shock-mount bolts.
Choke cable would not cable and oiled it.