Author Topic: My Lifan and it's performance.  (Read 3439 times)


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My Lifan and it's performance.
« on: May 25, 2009, 03:08:16 PM »
I was happy when I bought my Lifan. I have been updating the performance on my blog through Opera. Here I have put all the problems that I have come across, including pictures of parts that broke. My solutions. Trips that I have taken and so on.
I did the same by changing the rear sprocket, because the bike lacked a little power going up hills with 2 people (me and my wife). The dealer told me if I put a 45 tooth sprocket it would be more consistent. What it does is that the rpm's increase and the overall speed declines. In other words you loose about 10 to 20 kph with 2 people. With original equipment (32 tooth sprocket) top speed 95Kph. With replacement 45 tooth sprocket top speed 70kph, so I had it changed back. I can across a good site that explains nicely the speed and sprocket combination and was really helpful for me and maybe others on this forum.
What I have been looking for is the service manual for the 150cc which has dual exhaust. I have the original owner manual for the bike. Also have the service manual for the bike, but does not cover the engine. (Through my searching I have come across the owners manual for the Lifan 250 vtwin, Lifan 250-4 service manual and parts manual, if anyone needs them let me know.)
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