Author Topic: Just Bought a *new* Hooper Imports Pitbull  (Read 8973 times)


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Just Bought a *new* Hooper Imports Pitbull
« on: February 05, 2009, 08:40:44 PM »
Hey everyone!

Here is My *New* 2004 Hooper Imports 70cc Pitbull. It is Powered by a 70cc Lifan Engine (hooper stated it is Indeed a Lifan Engine) and has a 4speed auto.

This is a pre Lifan Made bike which hooper sells now and I specificly went for this older version because I simply like the style better than the newer style bikes he sells.  ( I still want one though :)

The Manufacture is Jiangxi Campell Apparently they are still around and make the same bike in very low runs.  Heres their Website Click on Bikes then Pitbikes and then DF-3..   

I have talked to Larry Hooper about these bikes recently and the only reason he quit importing them was they didnt want to get D.O.T cert on the 2005 and newer models.  Seems he Still Speaks Highly of them but had to go with Lifan because they Did the D.O.T cert and made the bikes the way he wanted them.  Pretty Simple..

I Got it from a small dealer that bought a few bikes from Hooper Imports in 2004 and sold them locally around his town.  He kept this 70cc Version and a 50cc version for himself and then stored theme in the back of his shop. It has 100 miles on it.

I have a Lifan lf110gy-3 that I installed a 140cc Lifan on and I plan on putting the 110cc on this and then put the 70cc into a 1978 z50 I am restifying.  I Plan on street riding it and I have the Open MSO!

Other than the 110cc the only Other modification will be a xr75 swing arm to lengthen the wheelbase a bit to make it a little more street worthy.

Anyhow... Enough blabin Here is the bike.
This is the exact state I bought it in last Saturday.