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Transmission Shift Repair
« on: June 30, 2008, 09:36:13 AM »
2007 LF200GY-5

Transmission won't shift, shifter moves but doesn't feel right, clutch works.  Bike will move under it's own power, just can't shift gears...

Removed kickstarter, rear brake pedal, disconnected clutch cable, thirteen (13) 8mm bolts securing clutch cover/case.  Tapped on cover/case with wooden block until it broke loose from gasket... gasket was undamaged and reused.  Found the bolt that secures stopper-plate to shift-drum loose and partially backed out.  Stopper-plate no longer engaged alignment pin on shift-drum, or spring loaded stopper-arm (with roller) that holds transmission in gear.

Used circlip pliers to remove circlip holding gearshift plate. (circlip, spring, then plate)  Removed gearshift plate, bolt that secures stopper-plate, and stopper-plate.  Held stopper-arm out of the way so stopper-plate could be positioned to engage alignment pin on shift-drum.  Used thread locker on bolt and secured stopper-plate to shift-drum.  Make certain the roller on stopper-arm rolls against stopper-plate.

Replace gearshift plate, spring, and circlip... I used anti-seize compound on bolts during installation of clutch cover/case.  Grease shaft on brake-pedal when you install, and use new cotter pins.  Start to finish was four hours, including lunch break, pictures, clean-up, and test ride.  Bike is now back in service, shifts better than new.

Live Oak, FL