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For sale is my red Lifan 110GY-3, with only 355 miles on the clock.  It is in like new to mint condition, and has only been ridden on suburban streets.  4 speed manual with hand clutch, dual sport tires, and a 4-stroke 110cc 7.5 horsepower engine, and fully street-legal.  The bike is ideal for dirt trails, or an even more fun substitute for a small scooter, given the manual tranny.  I am selling because I need the money for a larger street bike.  Asking $800 firm cash, and you must pickup from the Cleveland, OH area (NE Ohio).  Thanks.

Hello all.  I'm hoping someone can help.  I have a mint condition Lifan 110GY-3 with only 400 or so miles on it, and the chain seems a bit loose, with too much slack.  I am NOT mechanically inclined, but figured this job of tightening the drive chain would be 'cake'.  Well, I viewed a few 'YouTube' vids on how to generally tighten a motorcycle chain (couldn't find any on my particular model Lifan) using the tensioning screws and axle bolts, but apparently screwed up.  I first loosened both axle bolts on both sides then proceeded to tighten the tensioning screws about a half turn at a time, both sides.  The chain seemed to have tightened up, but every time I tighten the axle bolts after doing the procedure, the rear wheel itself tightens up to where it does not spin freely, and there is considerable tension when I try and turn it!  Before the procedure, the rear wheel would spin easily and freely without much friction at all (and yes, the bike is on it's stand in neutral).  So clearly, I did something wrong.  And i'm sure the rear wheel alignment is now 'out of whack'.  I can't seem to find anyone to assist me here in the Cleveland area, so the bike is just sitting without being ridden for now.  What to do?

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