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Title: Help Wanted
Post by: happytramp on July 16, 2011, 08:31:29 PM
Hi guys

Could someone please help!

I have a Lifan LF125 14F cruiser style bike. Either side of the radiator on the front are two long rectangular reservours which are connected to the radiator via a hose.

My dopey question is this: are these tanks supposed to be filled up with water / antifreeze by me, or are they "overflow" tanks that would fill up if there is too much fluid in the radiator?

They are both empty at present, and dont know if I am supposed to make sure they are full to avoid overheating, or should I leave them empty if they are to be used for overflow.

As they are both connected to the radiator, do I used these tanks to avoid overheating, or do I remove the radiator cap, and place the fluid directly in there?

Sorry for being such a dumb ass newbie, I have a Hayes manual, but it simply doesnt say

Any advice would be so appreciated as (you can probably tell), Im new to this!!